Meet Dr. Ivan Nadler

Dr. Ivan Nadler

Dr. Nadler graduated from the premier chiropractic college, Palmer University, in April of 1981. He is a national board certified chiropractic physician.

He is currently licensed to practice in New Jersey and Delaware. For over 35 years, he has maintained a health oriented practice in Pennsville, New Jersey. He is certified in the following chiropractic techniques:  Palmer Diversified adjustment technique, Low force Thompson technique, and Instrument Impulse adjusting technique.  His experience in treating the people of Salem County has been invaluable and enjoyable. The long-standing professional relationships he has established with his patients have been personally rewarding to him as well.

My practice philosophy is simple: “I will do my best to ensure my patients’ good health through chiropractic care and enhance their knowledge of wellness. Also, I am committed to working with my medical colleagues to help ensure the patient is receiving the right diagnosis and optimum quality care for their condition.”

Dr. Nadler is an active member of the following societies: American Chiropractic Association (, and  the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors ( Dr. Nadler is committed to the learning process. He strives to continually enhance patient care by keeping abreast of current research in a variety of aspects of medicine and health care. He takes a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education each year on nutritional therapy, sports injuries, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatment techniques (including treatment of nerve and disc pathology).

Since Dr. Nadler is a sole practioner, he personally provides all aspects of your treatment. This means you will always receive consistent and quality care.

A Word from Dr. Nadler

“The personal commitment between the patients and myself has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I would like to say “Thank you people of Salem County for giving me the honor of allowing me to assist in your health needs.” My practice philosophy is simple: I will do my best to ensure my patients good health through chiropractic care and enhance their knowledge of wellness…”

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